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    4316 had a normal upbringing like any. other; he went to school, he had friends, he lived a simple, happy life. One day he was by the river looking for something to eat.... when he spotted a tasty worm. He eagerly snatched it up with his beak, excited to enjoy his meal. But suddenly across the way he saw something that changed him for life. He saw his fellow Axie brethren... fighting each other.. the human owners that he had grown to love mearly watched and laughed as the Axie beat each other half to death. 
    4316 became scared... because he slowly began to understand that this fate would soon befall him too... and as this thought dawned on him his eyes opened wide, and his beak locked shut with the worm still tight in its grasp. To this very day... he has never been able to finish the worm that remains locked in his beak...and it forever serves as a constant reminder of the horror he witnessed... The horror that he himself would have to endure someday as well...