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The Origin badge is limited to Axies that were created during the Axie Infinity pre-sale from February 16th to April 16th 2018. This badge cannot be replicated through breeding.

Axies purchased during the pre-sale were delivered to players in cages which then could be opened. Once the cages were opened players received an Axie with bodyparts from the Origin series. Some players have yet to open their Axies from the pre-sale, and the MEO corporation kept some Axies for promotional use.

The total supply of Origin Axies will never exceed 4088.

Currently 3765* Origin Axies ( = https://axieinfinity.com/encyclopedia?title=origin) have been released while 323 ( = 4088 - https://axieinfinity.com/encyclopedia?title=origin ) are waiting to be released.

The final number of Origins may in fact be less than 4088, due to the fact that remaining Origins can only be generated by redeeming Axie Origin Coins (AOC) for new Origins at the rate of 5:1 and one may reasonably assume that AOC may be lost or simply never redeemed.


Pointy Nyan Mystic Ears and their upgraded Legendary form

A subset of parts know as Mystic are obtainable only in Origin Axies and are not inheritable. When Evolving, Mystic parts change eventually reach Legendary parts, while other Axies are limited to Rare and Ultra Rare.



Three exclusive Axies auctioned off by Axie Infinity prior to the opening of the Axie Lab. Each Agamogenesis Axie has a Bionic Part custom built by the MEO Corporation to replace lost appendages. Interestingly, these artificial parts can be inherited by offspring as slightly altered versions and Evolved like more traditional parts. Agamogenesis Axies also possess unique body colors as a result of the procedures used to produce them. The Body Pattern on all three Agamogenesis Axies is a Barcode.

The Agamogenesis Axies are:

** ID: -503 ** Class: Beast ** Bionic Part: P4R5IT3

** ID: -501 ** Class: Reptile ** Bionic Part: 1ND14N-5T4R

** ID: -502 ** Class: Aquatic ** Bionic Part: 5H04L-5T4R