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2018 Kotaro Invitational

2019 Winter Invitational



Name: The Winter Invitational Qualifier. Date:

Start: 30.01.2019 9PM GMT+7 Ends: 31.01.2019 9PM GMT+7

Welcome to the Winter Invitational Group Stage.

This is a qualifier Tournament and is limited to the first 96 people who register. The players who win their group will be awarded 300 LUNA and will be invited to the Winter Invitational Tournament which takes place on Friday 1st February 9PM GMT+7.


Group stage - every player has to play against everyone else in their group. All matches are Best of 3.

Max participants per group: 6

Some players will receive a seed based on their perfomance in previous tournaments to avoid stacked groups.

Group Stage.

Please report all incidents in the #information-and-issues channel on our official discord. Discord link:

Once the tournament begins head on over to the “Tournament Details” page and find which group you are in. You have to play against everyone in that group. Once you have found out which group you are in join the official Axie Infinity discord and find your group chat in the “Winter Open” tab.

Once you have located your opponents agree with them who will send the challenge using our in-game friendly challenge system. The matches will be best of 3 and all replays must be linked in the #replays channel on Discord. Use this format for parsing replays:

GROUP X - “Psycheout” vs “Trung” Game #1 - Replay url.

Once the victor of your match has been decided report it in the #match-results channel in the current format.

GROUP X - “Psycheout” Beat “Trung” 2-1

You will have 24 hours to arrange matches with the opponents in your group. If your opponent does not answer within 24 hours please report in the #issues channel and we will sort it out.

Details about the Winter Invitational: Start: 1st February 9PM GMT+7 Ends: When all matches have been played. Participants: Winners of the qualifier tournament.

All matches will be streamed live on

Every match is Best of 3 except the finals which will be best of 5. Players will be seeded based on their performance in previous tournaments.

Prizepool for the Winter invitational Tournament:

1st: 7500 LUNA and $150 in LOOM

2nd: 5000 LUNA and $100 in LOOM

3rd: 2500 LUNA and $50 in LOOM.

And a prediction challenge which anyone can participate in. The winner will receive 2500 LUNA.

Total prizepool USD: $2530!!! Closeq.png