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A marketplace bot has been added over at the Axie infinity Discord Server that allows users to input their ETH wallet addresses. Users can show the interest to buy a specific axie using a command that notifies the owner of that axie if it exists in the bot's database.

Address related commands

  • >axie addaddress input_address : register an ETH wallet address to user ID. You can add several addresses if you own more than 1 .
  • >axie removeaddress input_address : remove an ETH wallet address from user.
  • >axie removeuser : remove all data from user.
  • >axie ping : Enable/disable ping status of user.
  • >axie nonbuyable axie_id : Remove an axie from being buyable.
  • >axie buyable axie_id : Add an axie to be buyable again.
  • >axie buy input_id : Ping the owner of this axie.
  • >axie show : Show user's addresses.
  • >axie sales input_address : Shows purchases and sales of address.

API queries

  • >axie find/f axie_id : Show axie data.
  • >axie peek axie_id/name : Show axie image.
  • >axie winrate/wr axie_id/name : Show axie winrate.
  • >axie lapse axie_id battle_count : Show axie winrate over battle_count battles (max 100).
  • >axie mysticlb 0/1/2/3/4 : Show axie leaderboard of non/single/double/triple/quad mystic axies.
  • >axie latelb 0/1/2/3/4 : Show axie leaderboard of non/single/double/triple/quad mystic axies over the last 100 battles.

Battle Commands

  • >a fightOwl 0xYourAddress : Triggers a challenge from Owl's account to yours. (Owl is the bot's creator.)
  • >a fightedd 0xYourAddress : Triggers a challenge from edd's account to yours. (edd is the Axie Wiki admin.)

Data update

  • >axie updateNickname/IdNick axie_id : Update axie nickname in Database.
  • >axie UpdateAddressNickname/AddNick 0xADR355 : Update axie nickname from address in Database.

Various queries

  • >axie breedCount/bc axie_id : Show axie's breed count.
  • >axie purechance/pure/p axie_id_1 axie_id_2 (optional)beta : Show user's chance to breed a pure axie from 2 preset axies. Write beta at the end if you want to access axies in beta.
  • >axie breedList 0xADRE55 : Returns a list of the best axie pairs to breed to obtain a pure axie.
  • >axie traitList/tl 0xADRE55 trait : Returns a list of the axies that contains that trait within their genes.
  • >axie TeamList/teamL 0xADRE55 : Returns a list of winrates of each team of an address.
  • >axie winrateList/winlist 0xADRE55 : Returns a list of winrates of each axies of an address.
  • >axie quicklogs id : Returns the last 15 battles of an axie.
  • >axie alllogs id : Returns a text file with all battles that an axie has participated in.
  • >axie land 0xaddress : Shows your land distribution.
  • >axie item0xaddress : Shows your item distribution.



  • >a marketsub : subscribe to Marketplace services.
  • >a marketunsub/munsub : unsubscribe to Marketplace services.
  • >a marketNotify true/false :Sets trigger to notify when you sell an axie.
  • >a markettrigger/mtrigger axie_id trigger_price : Bot will notify you when indicated axie reaches the trigger price.
  • >a removetrigger/rtrigger axie_id : Remove axie trigger from list.


  • >a snipesub : subscribe to Market Watch services.
  • >a snipeunsub : unsubscribe to Market Watch services.
  • >a snipefilter/snipef filter_Input : Add an axie filter. Example :\n >a snipef mystic2 beast bug pure4 tail-the-last-one horn-strawberry-shortcake 2.345e
  • >a snipeshow : Show all the snipe filters you have created.
  • >a sniperemove/sniper axie_id : Remove a snipe filter at index ID. ID can be seen using the snipeshow command.


  • >axie qolhelp/qhelp : Show QoL list help.
  • >axie dbhelp : Show database list help.

NOTE : You may use the prefix >a instead of >axie