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The Axie Marketplace currently consists of three areas: the Axie Market, the Axie Mating Club, and the Axie Lab.

Axie Market

Axies that are for sale appear here in the manner of a Dutch (or clock) auction, sortable by price, ID, and time of sale. Potential buyers can also filter listings by Class, stage of life cycle, region, breeding ability, Origin tag, number of Mystic parts, and pureness.

Each listing also includes an “i” icon which, when hovered over, reveals the body parts associated with the Axie.

Axie Mating Club

Axie Lab

Season 2


Players may purchase one or three MEO Axies at a time. Prices decline at the rate of .1% per minute and each purchase increases the price for the next available egg(s) by 7%. The minimum threshold for Season 2 Axie Lab eggs has been set to the ETH equivalent of 32 DAI

Some Season 2 Axies will have previously unseen Body Patterns which may, in turn, lead to new body shapes through breeding mutations.

Referral links have also been introduced. Users will now earn 5% of Axie Lab purchases resulting from a new buyer following a referral link.

Unlike previous eggs, MEO Axies now bypass the egg, larvae, and petite stages and emerge as fully grown, breedable adults upon opening.

Season 1

The first season of MEO egg sales concluded in July 2018. The Axie Lab/Egg Shop was closed until September 29, 2018.

After completion of the Agamogenesis Axie auction, twelve Artificial Eggs designed and produced by the MEO Corporation became available for purchase. Starting price for each of the first twelve eggs was .412 ETH. Prices declined at the rate of 0.1% per minute. As eggs were sold, they were automatically replaced by new eggs with a sale price starting at 150% of the price of the last egg sold, and prices declined at the same rate.