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= A lot of changes have happened to Axie Infinity since this wiki was last updated. I'll be doing my best to bring it current ASAP. Please visit the Discord server for the latest info. =

Axie Infinity Community Wiki


Axie Infinity is a DApp built on top of the Ethereum platform using ERC721 tokens. The game allows users to buy, sell, trade, battle, and evolve Axies using Ether (ETH), certain Ether wallets, and smart contracts. Even though it is possible to write your own code to interact with other Axie owners on the blockchain, the GUI at allows users to participate without any programming knowledge or experience.


Many features of the game have not yet been publicly released. As a result, this wiki is constantly updated by the community based on details concerning Axie traits, battles, stats, mechanics, genetics, and accessories arduously collected from a variety of online outlets including social media posts, interviews, chats, and leaks from the Axie Infinity development team. This wiki is the community's attempt to create a collection point for information to benefit everyone. If the answer you are seeking is not to be found here, the Axie Infinity Discord server is almost always active and full of people more than happy to help.


Not sure where to start? Here is a list of pages with basic concepts and other useful links: