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If you have an account with this wiki, congratulations, you're a Contributor!

Contributors can add or edit pages on this wiki. You also have the option to include yourself in the site Opt In Directory.

Contributors may create several unique pages tied to their accounts. The first two are the typical "User" and "User Talk" pages that can be found on any wiki powered by MediaWiki. More information about those can be found here:

The Axie Infinity Community Wiki has three additional page types that Contributors are encouraged to make use of: Fanfic, Fanart, and Inprogress.

Fanfic and Fanart are public facing pages that will be showcased in their respective areas. Inprogress pages are public facing but are not included in any pages generally linked to in the wiki. To create your own Fanfic, Fanart, or Inprogress workpages, simply go to where "username" is your username.

Please indicate if your content has a license other than the Creative Commons Attribution license listed in the site footer!