Breeding Axies

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Breeding Walkthrough article

The Axies displayed at are manifestations of their “DNA” stored on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of ERC20 tokens. Some of the encoded information is rendered as visible body Parts, while some of it is “recessive,” allowing for the possibility of some hidden features to be passed down to offspring or to Evolve into existence after an upgrade.

Players may breed their Axies by pairing them with their own Axies or by finding a match at the Mating Club. Parent/Offspring or sibling/sibling breeding pairs are not allowed.

The current breeding fee collected by Axie Infinity is .002 ETH and the appropriate amount of Gas should be included for the network to process the transaction. Axies that have no offspring also have to give up 700 Exp each. After breeding, each Axie will require a significantly greater amount of Exp to reproduce again.

Successful breeding sessions will produce an egg. After 24 hours, eggs automatically transform into larvae. Larva gain the ability to morph into "Petite" Axies after an additional 48 hours. The transformation from larva to petite does not conclude, however, until the appropriate transaction is entered into the blockchain. A similar process is required for each Axie to reach adulthood - a 48 hour wait, followed by entering a transaction into the blockchain.


Breeding Exp Requirements

1st Breed 100 SLP per Axie
2nd Breed 200 SLP per Axie
3rd Breed 300 SLP per Axie
4th Breed 500 SLP per Axie
5th Breed 800 SLP per Axie
6th Breed 1300 SLP per Axie
7th Breed 2100 SLP per Axie