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Axies may gain Exp by participating in battles. Two teams of three Axies each face off in a 3x3 battlefield. Strategy will be the most significant factor in battles, determining not only which Axies will form a team, but their location on the battlefield, and the progression of their Moves. Players must choose the position of each of their Axies prior to the beginning of each battle, as well the order in which each attack or defense move will be carried out.



Defeated Axie

Axies with the highest Speed will attack first with their opening move. Targeted Axies counter with the first move in their queue. After use, each move will take its place at the end of the line. Axies will cycle through attacks and defensive actions until every member on one team has been defeated (loses all Hit Points). A certain amount of randomness is introduced into each battle, allowing for the possibility of “surprise” moves. Victorious Axies will earn 10 Exp each, while the less fortunate team will earn 5 Exp each.

Position Bonus